She Said Yes!

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We have tried to update the blog, but the clouds and distance from land have kept us from being able to obtain a good connection. So a little late, but what a wonderful few days we have had! Our biggest news is that Frank and I are engaged! It was very romantic, and I was completely surprised (Frank did a great job putting all this together – especially at sea!).

We all had met for a fancy afternoon tea, where the waiters march in at the same time with teapots, scones, cucumber sandwiches, and tarts. Frank gamely attended tea with me and my parents but said he was tired and went back to the cabin while the rest of us walked around. I came back to our stateroom to find a huge bouquet of red roses and thought how romantic Frank was.

As we dressed for dinner, which was formal night, Frank told me he was having champagne delivered to our room for a pre-dinner toast. I thought that was a little unusual, but maybe he was just getting into the spirit of things and happy to go along. Then the champagne arrived. Frank sat me on the sofa, got down on one knee, told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him. I got a little teary and shaky and said, “Of course.” Then we laughed and kissed – and took a picture for the blog! We called my parents and asked them to join us for champagne and when they arrived, shared the wonderful news with them. There were congratulations all around, even at dinner, where all the waiters seemed to know, and my parents toasted us with more champagne. We ended this special celebratory evening with dancing to Big Band tunes in the ballroom. It was more perfect than I could have even imagined. The ring is beautiful, too – a platinum band with a classic and elegant diamond solitaire setting with diamonds all around the band – exactly what I would have chosen.

The next morning, we dialed up the ship’s satellite phone and were able to call Frank’s son, John, and my sister, Cindy. Then the clouds conspired to halt all access, including to Wifi (a news blackout so to speak), but we are closer to land with clear skies, so we are back online and sharing the news.

We will figure out plans later. Right now it’s fun to dream, be happy, and just enjoy the moment.


7 thoughts on “She Said Yes!

  1. Awesome!!! I am so very excited for both of you. what an amazing journey you have already had together. wishing you great love always!


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