An Announcement!

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Frank and I are thrilled to announce that we are getting married tomorrow! We wanted to share our news and some details.

Wedding Day

The big day is Tuesday, March 3rd at high noon in Venice. This day is extra special because it also was the wedding date of my maternal grandparents (Virgil & Estelle Fielden).

A gondola will pick us up near our apartment on the Grand Canal at 11:15 am and take us under the Rialto Bridge to Palazzo Cavalli (city hall) – photo below with the blue and white poles. Our photographer and videographer will be waiting on the dock to film our arrival.

By the way, all weddings in Venice are required to be at Palazzo Cavalli, so if a couple gets married elsewhere in Venice, they first must have a legal ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli. (So all the famous people you know who married in Venice got married right in this spot, too!)


The Ceremony

The Mayor of Venice will perform the ceremony, which will last about 20 minutes. It will be in both Italian and English. We will have to make several legal declarations, then read our vows, exchange rings, and sign the official documents. At that point, we will be legally married – both in Italy and the US.

We also have arranged a violin/cello duo to accompany our big moments. We have some classical pieces and of course the traditional entrance of “Marcia Nuziale” – “Here Comes The Bride.” Our final song (and first dance) will be an old favorite – “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore . . .”

Wedding Lunch

Following the ceremony, we will travel by water taxi down the Grand Canal (with our photographer and videographer) to St. Mark’s Square. We will stop for an aperitif at the famous and historical Caffé Florian, where I first went with my parents many years ago – they have sent napkins from their own wedding for us to use with our toast.

We then will move across the Square to Ristorante Quadri for our wedding lunch. It is ranked as one of the best restaurants in Italy – has even earned a Michelin star! That’s where our paparazzi leave us, so we can just relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Something Old, Something New . . .

I will be using a piece on my mother’s wedding lace and the handkerchief she carried in her wedding as part of my bouquet – my something “borrowed.” I will wear the garter from my sister’s wedding – my something “blue.” Our friend, Janet, gave me a handmade lace handkerchief from Florence, which is my something “new.” And I will be wearing my grandmother’s pearls (from Lily Veness Tinnes) for my something “old.”

We have been regularly skyping, FaceTiming, and talking to both of our families, who are all in on the action from the USA. It has been fun to plan and share with them. And we will have a special celebration with them on our return. (It has also been funny to explain to people here that we are “eloping” – there is not an Italian term for this, which has led to some confusion at first – but the universal response we get is “Perfecto!” or “Ahh, romantico!”



We have a request of all of our family and friends. We ask you – wherever you are – to say a little prayer for us as we start our new life together and to think about us tomorrow and in the next few days. You are all very special to us.

Love, Christy & Frank

P.S. – Watch the blog for more pictures!


9 thoughts on “An Announcement!

  1. You crazy kids! God’s richest blessings on you and Frank. May it be a perfect and beautiful day for the beginning of a wonderful marriage.


  2. We will be there in spirit. We may even get it live. We have at least gotten the Wedding they are showing now. It was fun to see the place. A part of us will be there in the things you will have with you. We loved seeing everything on Face Time. We love you both, mommy and daddy.

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  3. You’ve had a wonderful presentation to your wedding and we wish both of you a long and happy marriage.
    John & Janine


  4. Many blessings, Christy, I heard your wonderful news from Chris Keller today and I couldn’t be more excited for you and Frank!

    Warm wishes,
    Pat Arzuaga


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