Two Fools In Love

We are two fools in love, and this is our new blog. Frank just retired as a rocket scientist from NASA.  Christy just finished up treatment for breast cancer and got the green light from her doctors to travel, while finishing up rest and recovery.  After these two big life events, we decided there is no time like the present and are leaving our “normal” lives and running away to Europe for a year.

Frank’s family hails from Sicily – his parents emigrated from there, came through Ellis Island, and settled in Brooklyn. We will spend a few months in Sicily getting back to his roots (along with other places around the Mediterranean).

Christy has been living on a boat for the last 10 years in Annapolis, Maryland, where she met Frank, and is ready for another adventure they can take together. She is lucky to have a very progressive law firm, so she will continue to work  from her mobile office on the road.  She specializes in all aspects of HIPAA (believe it or not, that actually is a specialty).

The boats are hauled out of the water, the housesitter has moved in, and we are off! Please join us on our adventure!

Postscript:  We loved our year of adventure so much, we have decided to keep going!  We will continue to blog wherever our roamings take us.  We hope you come along for the ride!

Postscript 2022:  We are heading back on the road after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID.  We are so excited –  and grateful to still be documenting our adventures 7 years after we first started this blog.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Christy Love Love the pictures. It is always wonderful to see your exciting adventures, beautiful, inspiring pictures. I just wanted to let you know that even thou you are millions of miles away we always miss you.
    Also guess what we are buying some peanut butter cookies today, So I just wanted to put a bright smile on your face.. See you soon Christy.

    Sylvia E. Simms

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