Night Before Departure!

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We are super excited.  My parents from South Carolina are joining us on the Queen Mary and in France and have already left to make their way to NYC, where we pick up the ship.  They are tons of fun and always liven up any party – plus they are expert dancers, so will fit right in on the QM2.

Frank and I leave tomorrow (Tuesday) and take Amtrak to New York.  We are busy packing.  Frank’s approach is much more organized than mine.  He sets out just what he might need in orderly piles by his suitcase and is already packed in one rolling duffel.  I, on the other hand, put everything I possibly may want in the middle of the bed and start trying on things and eliminating.  I have already gone out and bought a new suitcase that will hold more!  Fingers crossed it will close!

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