Cannes: Cary Grant & Christmas Markets

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We had our most fun day trip so far. I will give a very brief highlight and then just post pictures, which sum up the day better than I could.


– We found our way perfectly by bus to the train station, bought tickets in French, and even got off at the right stop – since the train was going all the way to Geneva, Switzerland, thank goodness! AND we found our way back home.

– We explored and had champagne at the famous Carlton Hotel – where Cary Grant & Grace Kelly filmed “To Catch A Thief” [The champagne was a special type named for the Film Festival award – the Palme D’Or.]

– We saw where the Film Festival is housed and walked along the Cannes version of Rodeo Drive – Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Chanel . . . .

– But we LOVED best the Christmas Market – little houses with local craftsman or shops, including an oyster bar, vin chaud (hot wine), and lots of fun browsing – like a fancy French version of the Jr. League shops or Aiken’s Makin’. We even watched the local stars practice for their tree lighting, featuring ice skaters singing “Frozen” songs in French.

Bonne Noel!




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