Day of Beauty

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So – several of you have asked how my hair appointment went. I am happy to report that my hair is now back to its normal and rightful color. All is well.

If you are ever in Venice, I highly recommend Stefano e Claudia. They are located in San Polo right on the Grand Canal – see picture below with white awning. So you can sit in the chair waiting for your color to soak in and watch the gondolas go by.

image     image

I wasn’t so sure how to communicate what I wanted in Italian – and found that the glossaries in most guidebooks are not equipped to help in this situation. So I went in and pantomimed a haircut – and they clearly could see I needed color. I had my calendar with me, so we all figured out together how to determine a date and time.

I was lucky in that my salon back home sent a copy of my formula. I have been going to Andre Chreky in DC for pretty much my whole adult life. Andre knew all about my trip so wrote down my formula and assured me any salon in Italy would know what to do. I had my doubts, but I have carried that little card around as carefully as my passport. And sure enough – the owner smiled and exclaimed “Ah, Si!” (Yes).

Well, Andre was right. My hair is back to normal and I have a cute new cut to go with it. Grazie Stefano!


P.S. Some of you also asked about Frank. He was braver than me and stepped up first by visiting a barber in Florence. He speaks better Italian than me and stressed just a “poco” (little) off the top – and I think he turned out rather handsome.

One thought on “Day of Beauty

  1. Seems that men are just naturally lucky when it comes to looking handsome. Frank among the best of them! I love your hair!! It looks fabulous. Lucky you 🙂


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