Wedding Pictures – Part I

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Our wedding pictures have arrived!  In true modern Italian fashion, we met our photographer in St. Mark’s Square for the hand-off of a USB that contains hundreds of beautiful (at least we think so!) pictures.

We have culled these down to 15 to give you a flavor of the day.  They are quite large, so we are posting in three parts so we don’t crash anyone’s email (I crashed mine when I got excited and tried to download too many at once).

We will upload more onto Facebook.  For some reason, I can add more there, so there will post about 35 pictures there if you want to see more.  (Just go to my Facebook page – if you can’t see, you may need to “friend” me.  It should be on my page, or you can go to “Photos” and then “Albums” and look for the Wedding Album.)

We also picked up our DVD, which we think is the best movie we’ve ever seen.  We can’t wait to show everyone back home.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we have!

Love, Christy & Frank

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