Wedding Pictures – Part III

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30 walk

Our wedding photos are here!  We have chosen a handful of our favorites are posting a few at a time (these professional pictures take up more space than my little phone pictures!).  We will post more on Facebook – go to my page and look for the Wedding Album under Photos.

Part I included our arrival by gondola at Palazzo Cavalli (City Hall) and the start of the ceremony.

Part II continues the ceremony and shows the very happy “just married” Mr. and Mrs. Volpe posing for pictures.

Part III is our post-wedding water taxi ride down the Grand Canal and stroll through St. Mark’s Square.

A glorious and very happy day.

21   22

31 St Marks   27 dance

One thought on “Wedding Pictures – Part III

  1. Dear Christy and Frank.. How wonderfully beautiful.. A magical breath taking memory of love..
    Congratulations and Always the Best of Life.. Janet


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