A Tiki Bar in Venice

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We went island hopping today! It is our last day in Venice, so we decided not to make too many plans and just see where the day took us. We started with lunch on the Island of Guidecca, which is across from Venice. We had been here before on a very cold day, so were happy to return when it was a little warmer. We had wonderful pasta at Ai Cacciatori overlooking the water.

A Trip to the Lido

We were supposed to meet up with our wedding videographer, Andrea (who really is the rock star of videographers) later in the day at St. Mark’s Square to pick up another copy of our DVD. But during lunch, we received word that Andrea had been in a small motorcycle accident so if we wanted to get the DVDs, we would need to go to his home on the Lido.

The Lido is a spit of land that stretches below Venice along the Adriatic Sea – it’s where the beach is. We didn’t know how to get there but jumped up, charged with a new adventure. We consulted our waiter on water taxi routes and were out the door.

We felt like true locals as we boarded one water taxi after the other for the Lido. When we arrived, we felt like we had been dropped in an alternate universe. Gone were the gondolas, alleyways, and canals. Instead were buses, motorcycles, and real streets. Goodness!

We were early so decided to walk the width of the island to see the other side – the beach. At the end, we stumbled upon a very laid back tiki bar. We definitely were not in St. Mark’s Square anymore! But we are adaptable so soon found a seat and ordered spritzes while we soaked in the sun by the sea.

We met Andrea, picked up the DVDs, and wished him well. We then took the water taxi all the way home to our own stop – Rialto Mercato – just like natives.

image   image

On to our Next Adventure

We are going to miss Venice so much. But new adventures await. We are renting a car and driving to Tuscany next.

Our first adventure will be in the morning. At 6 pm this evening, we got word that the Hertz office here is “temporarily closed” and we are to go to the airport instead. When I tried to call, the Italian Hertz representative confirmed in a very serious tone, “Yes, it’s closed” without further guidance. When I tried another representative to see if the airport would be expecting us, she said, “I don’t know – do you think you could wait until Monday?” So we are going to show up at the airport in the morning and hope it will be easier to negotiate in person. So this actually may not be our last night in Venice. Stay tuned . . . .

Meanwhile, we are signing off with a picture of our street here in Venice (Calle dei Botteri) and our apartment.  Ciao Venezia!

image    image


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