Intermission – Part II

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As I previously reported, the Two Fools are on a 12-day hiatus back home so we can catch up on doctor’s appointments, household chores, and exchanging clothes for the summer season in Italy.

We have packed a lot in to a very short period – including a fun visit with Frank’s son and family. John, Valerie, CeCe (age 10), and Samantha (about to be age 7 in one week!) will be coming over to see us in Sicily this summer, so we have had lots to talk about. Frank’s parents are from Sicily, so it will be very cool to have 3 generations of Volpes there to meet the cousins.

And I am also very happy to report that my doctor’s visits have gone very well. One of the main reasons we returned was because I had my 6-month breast cancer scans and a lot of other tests. I don’t have all of the results yet but do know that my breast cancer screenings came back clean. Yay! I will go back for scans every 6 months for 5 years and also continue on tamoxifen, with regular check-ups with the medical oncologist. So we are moving through this. A big relief. Thanks for all your well-wishes and prayers.

Meanwhile, above is the view this morning from my HOME office – which I have to say may be my very favorite. : )

Next stop – Rome

One thought on “Intermission – Part II

  1. We are sooo excited with your good news! Did you get my email to your regular address? We’re looking forward to retuning May 1st. Enjoy part 2! We’ll be following your journey. Molly


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