Everyday Life in the Aeolian Islands

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Well, we haven’t just been climbing volcanos and eating in fancy restaurants. We also have to live our everyday lives – even in the islands.

I have set up my home office in the galley of the boat. I have a huge desk, WIFI, and all of my regulations. If I have a conference call, I move to the v-berth so it’s quiet. No one seems to care that I am calling in from Sicily.


While I am working, my husband is equally industrious in his endeavors – fishing! There are huge fish under the dock, so Frank is on a quest to catch one (which he will throw back – IF he is successful). To achieve this goal, he sought out the local fishermen for advice, looked up on the Internet how to say “bait” in Italian (“esca”) and practiced it over and over, walked into town to buy “esca”, and, when stymied, had further debates with the local fishermen as to the reasons why. It takes all day – he says these Sicilian fish are particularly clever.


We also have done laundry (alas, in the sink, not in a washer) – but it dries very quickly when clothes-pinned to the lifelines.

And have done some marketing, thanks to a local man who comes by the dock with fresh fruits and vegetables (see our latest haul at the top). We even have bought a basil plant so we can have fresh basilico on our pasta. We feel like true Sicilians!


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