Caravella Beach Club

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We usually rent a self-service apartment, where we have to bring our own supplies and do all of our chores. But for a few days, we are in a real hotel, so we decided to make the most of the amenities they offer. Next week, we’ll be back on our own.

The Villa Carlotta has an arrangement where, for 10 Euro, the Caravella Beach Club will pick you up and drop you off. That alone was worth the price. But on top of that, the hotel packed a bag for us with beach towels that we didn’t have to launder ourselves. And then when we arrived – wow. The beach was very private with just a couple of dozen people. They led us to a beach chair under an umbrella, asked us what we wanted to drink, and pointed out the best places to swim.

image  image

Eventually, we got hungry and made our way up to the beachside restaurant, where the fresh catch had just arrived (that is a swordfish on the table!). We had fried baby octopus and fresh grilled fish. Then languidly returned to our umbrella.

image  image

We even got a massage! Asian girls ply the beach (here and in Cefalu) offering a foot massage for 10 Euro. Once they have you under their spell, they talk you into upgrading. We both ended up with 30 minutes for 25 Euro each – right in our beach chairs! Heavenly.

What a very relaxing day. We will miss hotel life!


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