The American Volpes in Sicily!

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One of the highlights of our trip has been planning to host Frank’s son and family in Sicily – three generations of Volpes!

John, Valerie, Cecelia (age 10), and Samantha (age 7) arrived on Tuesday after a long night of flying from America. We had our same driver who has taken us all over, Salvatore, pick them up (since we don’t have a car here). When they arrived, the girls popped out with matching suitcases, cute haircuts, and just seemed at ease right away on the streets of Taormina – telling everyone they meet, “Ciao!”


For our first meal all together, we went to one of our favorite pizzerias, which is a little fancy and happens to have a fabulous view of the sea. They loved their first real Italian pizza.

Intro to Wunderbar

We ended the evening at our favorite place, Wunderbar, where Frank and I go almost every night. They have live music, and the singer even came over and sat at our table for awhile – as I said, we have become regulars here.

Mom and Dad danced and then went for a walk, so Frank and I ordered the girls tried their first granite (Italian ice) with whipped cream. CeCe liked hers a lot. Sam liked hers ok and declared that next time she might just get whipped cream.

image image

Wunderbar is located on one of the most famous piazzas in Italy – with a distinctive checkerboard pattern overlooking the sea. The girls wanted to dance, so Frank and I sat at Wunderbar with our after dinner drinks, while we kept an eye on two girls twirling around and soaking up Sicilian life.

We are spending a few days in Taormina together and then head south to Canicatti to visit all of the Sicilian family. I’m sure we will have many avventuras (adventures). So stay tuned!

image   image

image    image

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