Theta Ladies

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Author’s Note: We actually are home now, but we were so busy socializing in South Carolina that I am behind on blogs.  But don’t worry – I will spend the next several days updating all of our fun excursions.  We want to remember every moment.


When I left off, I was showing Frank around Columbia, SC, home of the University of South Carolina, my alma mater.  And I saved the best for last – tonight, he got to meet the ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta.

I had told Frank (before we got engaged) all about the Thetas and how, in college, when a girl got “pinned” to a fraternity man, we had a candle passing ceremony.  It had never happened to me.  So one night he surprised me and had a tiny present for me – his fraternity pin (Alpha Phi Delta).  Sigh.

Celebrating the Two Fools

Well, I didn’t have a candle passing, but I did get to introduce Frank to the South Carolina Thetas.  I had emailed some of them about getting together for dinner when we were in town and they surprised me by putting together a “Two Fools In Love Celebration” party- how fabulous!

My college roommate and her husband, Christi and Ray, hosted us in their beautiful new home.  I was in their wedding years ago, so was extra special that they were helping us celebrate our marriage.  Christi and Ray have three amazing kids, whom I have watched grow up, so I was so glad that they dropped in to meet Frank, too.  Graham and Mary Stewart are in 9th grade, and Ellis is in 5th grade.

Theta - Cwistee

The other hosts for the evening were:

  • Debbie and Bruce (whose wedding I was in as well) – Debbie and I walked the Breast Cancer 3-Day together a few years ago (spending a very rainy couple of nights in a tent) and have had many other adventures.  She is always up for anything.  She and Bruce have visited me on both boats – we go way back.


  • Marcia and Brian – Marcia was Theta’s Financial Advisor when I was Treasurer.  She was a CPA and one of my mentors to help me decide on a major and to go into accounting and then eventually law.  She and Brian travel the world and always have good stories.  (Brian’s family is from Southern Italy, so he and Frank shared stories about that.)


  • Helen and Chuck – Helen was our Advisory Council Chairman and a lot of fun, while being the perfect Southern lady.  She and Marcia have even visited me in DC.  I babysat her kids during college – who are now grown-ups (and one is married!).  So I loved hearing where everyone ended up

These ladies did a super job and were able to round up a bunch of other Thetas (and a few non-Thetas) for an impromptu rendezvous.  Some I hadn’t seen since college!  It was so much fun  to catch up with everyone that I forgot to take pictures until the very end.  Thank you to everyone who came!

And especially thank you to Christi, Debbie, Marcia & Helen.  Now I am inspired to work on a Theta reunion!

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