Cocktails – Sicilian Style

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When you rent an apartment in Europe, they usually have a “greeter” to meet you and show you around. They become your main contact person in your new city.  Our greeter in Taormina is Ann, a British woman who married a Sicilian she met on a visit 30-something years ago – and she has been here ever since.  She has become a friend while we are here, so Frank invited Ann and her husband over for a glass of wine before we leave.

Well – I don’t think Frank realized what he was getting into. Two Southern women – one Southern Italian and one South Carolinian – putting on a soiree.

Enza and I had a fabulous day planning the menu, going to the market, and executing our ideas. Amazing since we don’t really speak each other’s languages.  Some things are just universal.

Enza became my professor cucina (cooking professor) and taught me all kinds of Italian appetizers and tricks.

Pomodor Recipe

And I’d say we turned out quite a feast.


Frank was our bartender and in charge of Aperol Spritzes – our favorite cocktail in Italy.

Cocktails 2

And a good time was had by all!

Cocktails 3

Some of our creations:


Antipasti 2.jpg

Stuffed Pomodoro (tomatoes)

with seeds carved out, stuffed with a sliver of garlic, basil breadcrumbs, spices, and olive oil, then cooked on low heat for an hour (my favorite)


Prosciutto wrapped around grissini (breadsticks) with a hint of basilico


One thought on “Cocktails – Sicilian Style

  1. Once again I have so enjoyed your journey. It sounds as though you will soon be headed back. Safe travels !! I think this is my favorite one so far. The food just makes my mouth water and your collaboration with anza it’s fabulous! Hope to see you both when we are back in July!


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