Un Taglio in Sicilia (A Haircut in Sicily)

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Well, Enza and I did not win the lottery. So we are getting ready to move on to meet up with the family in Southern Sicily.  But before we go, we decided to get our hair done.

Since we will be away so long, I knew I would have to get my hair cut and colored at some point in this trip, so I have been scoping out places near our apartment. I was very proud of myself for walking in and making my appointment, all in Italian (they did not speak English).

When I arrived, I had to pantomime what I needed (although I’m pretty sure the stylist could tell due to my gray roots and wild unruly hair!). He didn’t say a word and just started working on me.  I thought this could go either way – but at least my hair grows fast.  Enza had a few touch-ups, too.


Afterwards, we looked beautiful.

Hair - Finito.jpg

Unfortunately for me, I am not able to replicate this level of straightness myself, and my hair is now pretty short. Combined with the warm and humid temperatures – and the general craziness of life in Sicily – I look like a curly-headed mop-top.  You will see in future pictures.

Life in Sicily!

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