Discovering New Family

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MBuccheri 2.jpg

We discovered some new Buccheris tonight! Buccheri is Frank’s mother’s maiden name – although in Sicily, women do not take their husband’s names so there is no such thing as a “maiden” name.

A Relaxing Evening at the Hotel (so we think . . .)

It was our first evening at Falconara – after our long journey from Taormina in our new rental car. We were exhausted and looking forward to a quiet dinner at the hotel.

We invited Enza over to our patio for aperitivo beforehand – by this time around 8:30 pm. While having our wine, Enza got a call and jumped up saying, “Hurry, Hurry!” (in Italian).  Apparently the family had gathered for dinner nearby.  We were shocked.  We aren’t sure if this had been explained to us and we just missed it in translation or if this was a completely new plan.

So we hurried to the car and drove to meet the family at a restaurant called “Sombrero.” At this point, I was hoping that Sombrero was a Mexican outpost with a good margarita.  I asked Enza, and she looked at me like I was crazy and so, no, it was Italian – why would a Mexican restaurant be in Italy?  So it is a mystery why they chose this name – with the hat on the sign and everything!

To The Beach!

But it didn’t matter – we were not going to stay at Sombrero anyway. That turned out to just be the meeting spot.  Soon – the family pulled up and stopped the car in the middle of the road and jumped out and gave us kisses.  Then told us to jump back in the car and follow them.  We were going a bit off the grid.

They led us through dark streets into a kind of sketchy part of town, down a very narrow alley that opened up into a fully lit and very hip restaurant on the beach. Wow.

We sat down and enjoyed plate after plate of fresh seafood – even a whole octopus that, when standing on end was at least a foot tall. And they carved it table-side.


Meeting New Family

The most amazing part was that as we were sitting there, the family started smiling and talking fast – it turned out another relative happened to be eating there, too. So we all went over for a reunion.


It turns out this Buccheri’s grandmother and Frank’s mother were sisters. Incredible – like God had put this whole crazy night in motion so they could meet.  A very small world.

Buccheri 3.jpg

We finally got back to the hotel at about 1:30 am. The adventure is just starting in Sicilia!

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