Avon 39 – Check-In Day!

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Our team has all arrived in New York City – we are ready to walk! Today was Check-In Day, where we picked up our wristbands and luggage tags, turned in last-minute donations, and filled out bibs that say whom we’re walking for.  We even got to see what the tents look like.  The afternoon was full of excitement – and full of pink!  We are taking New York by storm.

To introduce you to the team – from right to left in the picture below –

  • Heather was one of my best friends in high school – we’ve stayed friends all these years, and I am so happy she is joining me on this journey. She lives in Aiken, SC, and we did some of our training walks together when I was home this summer, including a 20-mile walk where we got to spend hours and hours catching up. She and I usually opt for girls’ weekends that involve shopping, so staying in a tent will definitely be an adventure!
  • Me – For those of you who don’t know me, I live in Annapolis, Maryland (but am from South Carolina). This is my 2nd walk, but my first since having breast cancer. I definitely am not an athlete, but I have been training and am slow, but steady. I hope I can do this!
  • Amanda and I met when we trained for the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk way back in 2002(!). We were in the same walking group and spent many weekends on the C&O Canal Trail. She went on to do another 3-Day a few years ago, so is a veteran. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley and is a big hiker (so camping is no big deal to her!).
  • Christa is Amanda’s sister and also lives in the Shenandoah Valley. I met her on the 3-Day back in 2002. This is her third walk – just like Amanda, so they gave us lots of good tips over dinner tonight. She says next time we’re going to volunteer as crew, NOT walkers!
  • Hilary is Heather’s sister. We all grew up together in the same church (and puppet group!). Hilary lives in Lexington, SC. Hilary is also a breast cancer survivor. Both Hilary and Heather are Clemson Tigers – Hilary even brought the Clemson flag to fly over her tent.


We had a delicious Italian dinner at Mozzarella & Vino on 54th Street to get us ready for tomorrow – when we meet at 4:30 AM!!!

I will mainly be posting pictures from the road – and will tell the stories when we are back – and I’m sure there will be many! There is some rain forecast, so we are all a little nervous.  But as of tonight, our team has raised $11,517 for breast cancer research and services for low-income women.   So no matter what happens, we will be proud.



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