Avon 39 – #Fierce is Forever

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I had planned to blog a little more as we walked, but I clearly underestimated how completely wiped out we would be! It was all we could do to get to the next rest stop – or even the next block!  So – now that we are a little more recovered – I will be posting stories and pictures – the good and the bad!   Also lessons learned.  In the last few miles, we each swore we’d NEVER do this again.  But you never know . . . .

However painful the last few miles were, the reality is that our team of 5 raised over $11,000 for breast cancer services for low income women. That is remarkable.  And the New York walk as a whole raised $6.4 million!

I was lucky that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I never once worried about insurance, family support, being out of work, or how to pay for treatment or anything I needed to get me through. All women should have this luxury – to just focus on themselves and getting better.  I’m so proud of all the walkers and our whole team – not because we walked 39 miles, but because each of us were brave enough to even try.

I will send updates in installments over the next couple of days – for those of you who receive the blog by email, bear with me. : )




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