Avon 39 NYC – Closing Ceremonies

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We have made it – our Team of 5 walked 39 miles in support of the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund services for low-income women. Now we get to bask in the moment of celebration.

The music swells, and they announce the march-in:

First – the wonderful crew that has helped us the last 2 days (and we admit that even The Butterfly Lady played her part in getting us to the finish line – maybe tough love is what we needed). We cheer for her, too.

Then come the walkers.

And then – they announce the survivors. Hilary and I are in the survivor group in our pink t-shirts.  We march in all together.  Everyone is crying.  It is hugely emotional – it is why we are here.

Survivors 3.jpg

Hilary and Christy

Me - Survivors

Survivor Walk

The Avon CEO – who walked all 39 miles(!) – announces that we have raised $6.4 million dollars and introduces different groups that will receive grants from the money we have raised. Representatives of these groups tell us what they do:

  • Funds to help underserved women navigate a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Funds to pay for mammograms for low-income women
  • Funds to pay for translation services for non-English-speaking women who are newly diagnosed
  • Funds to pay for meals for breast cancer patients and their families
  • Seed money for research

And the grants go on and on. We realize that we are having a direct impact on breast cancer patients and that our sore feet and aching backs are worth it.  We have made a difference.


Statistics from the Walk

Team Carolina Girls

5 walkers

Funds raised: $11,856

Number of Donations: 120

The Walk

1800 walkers

337 survivors

Ages 16 to 82

Funds Raised: $6.4 million

Thanks for everyone’s support!

We ALL made a difference.


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