Love On The Rocks

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Rocks 2.jpg

Tonight we went to a very cool (or I guess I should say HOT!) place for supper – Love on the Rocks – where we cooked our dinner on lava rocks. How brilliant is that?

The restaurant is owned by Chef Rob, who has a sister restaurant in the same place that is widely known as one of the best restaurants in Belize. They serve a 4-course menu for $59 Belize (about $30 US) that includes soup, salad, entrée, and dessert – very gourmet with lovely presentation.  It is open-air and right on the water with a gorgeous view.  We ate there last week and did the regular 4-course menu, with pork tenderloin in tamarind sauce as our entrée.

This week we were up for the adventure of cooking our own dinner. We selected surf and turf – freshly caught Caribbean shrimp and steak from Amish-raised cattle.

Out came a sizzling black lava stone – 700 degrees!

Along with our shrimp and steak, there were vegetables, potatoes, and a trio of sauces (curry, sweet and sour, and garlic butter).

Rocks 3

Our server taught us how to cook our fare – experimenting with the different sauces.


We cooked our shrimp and steak to perfection – and then added the veggies and garlic butter for a spectacular stir-fry.  I had so much fun cooking that I forgot to even drink my wine!

One of our favorite experiences so far.

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