Our Last Day in Hopkins

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House from Backyard 2.jpg

It is our last full day in Hopkins – we are getting sad.

Frank spent his last day at his favorite spot – fishing on the end of the local dock.

Frank Fishing

There is a little wooden bench where he can spend hours at a time.  He uses frozen shrimp as bait (he microwaves before he goes) and has made friends all up and down the beach with fellow fishermen.

Frank Fishing Bench

I also spent time on one of MY favorite activities – shopping! There is an amazing store called GariMaya, which is owned by a married couple – the husband is Garifuna (African) and the wife is Mayan.

Garimaya 2

They showcase all kinds of products made by local artisans. Frank and I stopped by there one day and I could tell this unique spot warranted a much longer excursion – one that Frank and I both agreed it would be better to leave him at home!  So I took the golf cart by myself and spent an hour or so – they even gave me a little gift to thank me.  (Some of you may be getting gifts from GariMaya this year!)


We really have loved our time in this little village.

When we first arrived, we saw the muddy pot-holed road and thought, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

But as we putt-putted our way home from our last dinner in town tonight,  we got tears in our eyes

– and relished every bump along the way.

Our Street

Next Stop: The Jungle!!

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