The Most Beautiful Train in the World – Part II: The Flamsbana

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Two Fools

We have hopped off the big train at the tip-top of the mountain range in Myrdal and await the boarding of the Flamsbana – the small train that will take us down to the fjord. My parents took this very train about 20 years ago when they visited Norway and have told me how beautiful it was.

My mom sent a picture of her scrapbook – the original “Two Fools In Love” blog!!

Mom on Train

We are super excited as the train arrives. But first – we have to get our luggage onboard.  We did pretty well with the Amtrak-style train, but this old-fashioned train is WAY off the ground.

Flamsbana Stairs

Oh no! Frank can’t help much due to his hip, so I grunt, grimace, and push as hard as I can to get everything in – maybe we overdid it on the wine!

But finally we are set and grab seats on this charming train that was built in 1920s.

Flamsbana inside

It will plummet us into the valley on the steepest track in the world, through hand-dug tunnels and hairpin turns.  They have 5 sets of brakes – just in case.

If we thought the big train had good views, we literally oohed and aahed our way down the mountain on the little Flamsbana train.

Flamsbana 2

Everyone – even hardened tourists – jumped up with cameras in hand to catch at least a dozen waterfalls and huge views.

Norway is truly a breathtaking place.

Flamsbana 6

My favorite was the Kjosfossen waterfall. It was so dramatic that they even stopped the train to let us out to take pictures.

Flamsbana Tunnel - Frank

Flamsbana Waterfall - me

Just like Mom & Dad!mom-at-waterfall.jpg

Finally, we descended into the little village of Flam, right on the fjord. Picturesque and peaceful with 360 degree mountain views.  Wow – the most beautiful train ride I the world indeed.



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