Hurtigruten: Wednesday (Day 7 – Day 1 for us)

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Note: The days on the Hurtigruten are counted starting in Bergen. Since we are boarding at Kirkenes (half-way through), we are boarding on Day 7.  (This is good to know to keep track of where we are!)

Cabin Door

We boarded the Hurtigruten and found our cabin – #616.

I had studied the deck plans and online pictures of cabins, which can be quite small (more like a train compartment) and happened upon a “suite” that had an obstructed view – so it had extra room, but a lifeboat in front of the window.  Consequently, it was classified as a plain old outside cabin and a lot cheaper.   I figured that was a good trade-off.

Well – we were delighted to find that our cabin has 2 windows.

One fully obstructed, but the other only partially.  So we have the best of both worlds.

Cabin Window 2

Cabin Window 3

Our cabin is very roomy with lots of closet space, a king-size bed, and sitting area.

Cabin 2

Cabin Bedroom

There is even a curtain to separate the areas, so when Frank takes a nap or watches World Cup, I can pull the curtain and have my own little room.

Cabin - Curtain Drawn

And even tea-making facilities – perfect for me!

Cabin Tea

Table #15

There are a few dining options aboard the Hurtigruten.

Dining 4

The main dining room is included in the price – an open-seating buffet for breakfast and lunch – which is gigantic with a wide range of choices and very good.Dining

For supper, which is a 3-course set menu, we have an assigned time and table.  There are no choices like on regular cruise ships, but they post the dinner menu at lunch, so if you don’t care for an item, you can ask for something else.

There is also an a la carte bistro with pizza, salads, and sandwiches (pay extra) –


A bakery with specialty coffees, pastries, and gelato (also extra, except for regular coffee and tea) –


And a fancy restaurant that you have to reserve – also extra – but the food is so good in the main dining room, we haven’t seen many people eat there.

Fancy Dining

We found our table for the 19:30 (7:30 pm) seating and met our tablemates – a couple from California, who have traveled all over the world – and a couple from England – who often visit family in Chevy Chase, Maryland, right down the road from us!  We have all hit it off.


The dining room is famous for using local ingredients the chef picks up at stops along the way.  They pride themselves on the fact that nothing is frozen.  The meals are intended to reflect the culture of the area.

Our meal tonight celebrated the Laplanders – the Sami people who were the original Norwegians.


Today’s Menu:

Soused Herring

Reindeer Steak – Delicious!

Waffle with Pickled Rhubarb


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