Hurtigruten: Monday (Day 12 – Day 6 for us) – Farewell Hurtigruten

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We are docking in Bergen today.

But first have a few hours of scenery to reflect on our trip.

Last Day

We have really enjoyed this ship.  We like big cruise ships, too – the Queen Mary 2 is one of our favorites.  But this was the perfect style for us.  We loved the independence of being able to get off and on without fuss and how we could follow along by map and guidebook with every little town.  We also liked the small size, so you got to know people easily – from all over the world.

Hurtigruten - Sail

One fun tradition they have us to greet the other Hurtigruten ferries up and down the coast when we pass.  They gave us a schedule, and everyone gathers outside and waves, while the ships blow their horns to each other.


This is the MS Lofoten – which they call the “Grand Dame” of the Hurtigruten fleet.


She is the oldest currently sailing Hurtigruten.  She was launched in 1964 and holds 400 passengers.  And believe it or not, she is the most popular ship by far and books up years in advance with passengers wanting to experience a bit of history.  So we were particularly excited when she passed by.

Farewell Luncheon

Sometimes the last day on a ship is super hectic, and you almost feel cast out before you’ve docked.  But on the Hurtigruten, they treated us to one last farewell 3-course lunch with our set table – so we could all trade emails and say good-bye.  A very nice touch.

Today’s Menu

Bergen Meat Stew

Poached Norwegian Salmon

Caramel Pudding

Last Day End

Next Up:  A Bit of Bergen

One thought on “Hurtigruten: Monday (Day 12 – Day 6 for us) – Farewell Hurtigruten

  1. I’ve really enjoyed taking this journey with you both! From the cod liver oil to the ice bar… adventures I would not otherwise have known about. Thanks !!


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