Favorite Bergen Restaurant: Cornelius

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Boat Bergen

There is a restaurant on the waters of the Bergen fjord where even the locals go to celebrate big days.  It is on an island, and you can only access by your own boat or their private launch.  It books up far in advance, so you have to plan ahead.

Thankfully, I had read about it in one of the many guidebooks we brought along (much to Frank’s chagrin) so booked our reservations weeks ago.  We thought this would be a fitting way to celebrate the almost-end of our trip.

There are only two sittings, so you have to catch the boat on time.  Otherwise, you have to hire a helicopter (really – this is what the website says!).  Our instructions were to meet at “Shed #8,” which was an adventure in itself to find.  The unmarked boat pulled up for 5 minutes, and we hopped onboard.

Cornelius Launch

It is a 25-minute ride out to the restaurant.

Cornelius Sail

We had a beautiful day sailing past ships, vacation cottages, and pleasure boats.

Cornelius Sail 2

And then here we were.

Cornelius Arrival

They greeted us with prosecco and showed us the saltwater pools where they keep the just-caught seafood.

Cornelius - Fresh Catch 2

Cornelius - Fresh Catch

Then led us to a table with a lovely view.

Cornelius - inside

The menu is set, so once you sit down, the waiters start bringing out courses.  The chef comes by to explain each one, and the sommelier matches it with wine.

Shellfish soup, ling fish – part of the cod family only from North Atlantic waters – and cake.  (I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot about the blog and didn’t take any pictures.)

We happily boarded the launch back to Bergen – knowing we are going to miss Norway. What a very cool place.

Cornelius 2

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