Giorno Elegantissimo a New York (Elegant Day in New York)

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We are so busy having fun that I have gotten a little behind on the blog.  To catch up –

Today I decided to show Enza some of MY favorite spots in New York. It was cold so we had the Uber drop us off right at the best spot of all – Tiffany. I explained to her that Tiffany has beautiful jewelry, but expensive, so fun to just look. And they are so nice there – even if they know you aren’t buying, they still treat you like a queen. We went through the revolving doors – uno / uno (we had to teach Enza that you only go one at a time).  Frank made a beeline for the 6th floor lounge, which has sofas for husbands to wait, which Enza and I dreamily waved him off.  We saw some eye-popping pieces, including the diamond necklace worn by Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes.

Next we took a one-block stroll down 5th Avenue – a strada famosa (famous street) with lots of fashion.  She had heard of 5th Avenue.

To our final destination – The Plaza Hotel

I told Enza that when I was little, my favorite children’s book was Eloise, the little girl who lived at The Plaza. They serve a splendid afternoon tea in the Palm Court.

They first brought us champagne – Enza took one sip, looked a little surprised and exclaimed, “Buona!” Good!

She declared the day not just “elegante,” but “elegantissimo!”

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