On the Road Again! Frank & Christy’s Post-COVID* Pilgrimage! (*we hope!)

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The Two Fools are back (and thankfully, still in love)! : ) 

We were planning to update this blog 2 years ago – when we had to cancel our upcoming journey the day before our flight was to take off.  COVID alarm had not quite reached the US, but numbers were ramping up in Europe.  There had been about a dozen cases reported in Paris, but many more in Italy, right across the border – so Frank and I decided to make the very tough decision to cancel.  How innocent we were that a handful of cases caused such alarm.  Within a few weeks, the whole world was in lockdown. 

Last fall, things started looking promising for a re-do.  We decided to play it safe by planning a trip a few months out, where things surely would be even more open.  And we would go in the winter before the crowds came back.  Very clever, we thought!  And then . . .  Omicron.  It was déjà vu. 

We have held on by our fingernails trying to decide whether to stay or go – and decided that life is short – and we have ALL learned that it can change on a dime.  We are vaccinated and boostered and have planned our travels carefully to take into account social distancing and safety.

We know we will have ups and downs with all the COVID challenges.  We are already experiencing that trying to figure out the rules and testing.  And we may end up in quarantine somewhere (which at least will be a good story for the blog).  We will offer what we learn along the way so that our experiences may help other travelers.

So – we leave next week for 10 weeks in France and Italy – with an Easter reunion with Frank’s family in Sicily!  Come along with us on our Post-COVID Pilgrimage!

Christy & Frank (The Two Fools in Love)

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