Marche President Wilson

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We just had the best day!  We heard about a local market that sets up twice a week – strangely enough, named after President Wilson because it is on Avenue President Wilson. 

Farmers, cheesemakers, fishmongers, and others come into Paris from the countryside to sell their wares.  Our guidebook says that the chefs of all the Michelin-starred restaurants are there first thing in the morning to select the very best ingredients.  So we decided to check it out!


Thankfully, our apartment comes with a rolling cart making it easy to shop.

We bought:

  • Fromage (cheese) – 4 kinds!
  • Baguette (bread)
  • Tomates, concombre, poivron, champignons & des radis (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, mushrooms & radishes)
  • Basilic (basil)
  • Fraises, framboises & poires (strawberries, raspberries & pears)
  • Olives – Greques & Kalamata
  • Noisettes, noix, & noix de cajou (hazelnuts, walnuts & cashews)
  • Pomme de terre roties (roasted potatoes)
  • Yaourt vanilla maison (homemade vanilla yogurt)
  • Quiche au fromage (quiche with cheese)

We will feast on this all week until next week’s market!

We even picked up a snack – une galette made right in front of us.  It is like a thick crepe, filled with a thyme sauce and cheese, cooked over an iron dome lit with a fire.  Delicieuse! 

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