My Paris Office

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It is Monday morning – the start of the work week for me.  Yes, I am working remotely while here.  I’ll show you around.

Here is my favorite place to start the day –

We are 6 hours ahead of Washington, DC, so it is quiet and I can get a lot done. And I love watching the boats go by on the Seine. 

Eventually, the East Coast wakes up, so I move to the study for my Zooms.

And since we are 6 hours ahead, I sometimes have to work after dinner on last-minute projects due by COB East Coast time.  By then, we have turned the study back into the TV room (we are hooked on Sky News and BBC right now), so I move to the kitchen for a little quiet and better light.

But – notice there are no curtains!  This window looks out onto a courtyard where we can see all the other apartments, most who don’t have curtains either. 

I am reading a book about a murder in a Paris apartment where the other residents could see comings-and-goings through the courtyard windows like this.  (I probably should have waited until we got home to start this book!)

Oh – and notice that door in the kitchen?  I’ll tell you what’s behind that in my next blog.  It took us a week to figure it out!

3 thoughts on “My Paris Office

  1. What a beautiful view!!!! The apartment is so nice. Plenty of room to move around. I had a laugh about the book. All is well here in Annapolis. The house is fine 🙂 Tell Frank hello. Sending hugs to you both.

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  2. A traveling office… What a creative and great idea!
    Each space feels pretty special though I must admit I’m partial to your early-morning text. Thanks for sharing!

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