Oldest Café in Paris

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Tonight we had dinner at the oldest café in Paris – Le Procope in St. Germain.  It opened in 1686 and has even served Marie Antoinette! 

Also Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. 

Apparently Napoleon ran up such a large bill that he couldn’t pay, so he left his hat as collateral.  He never did pay his bill, so they still have his hat!  It is on display.

The rooms are beautiful.

They are most known for their beef bourguignon, which they make from the original recipe, which includes foie gras and truffles. 

They serve it in your own personal copper pot, and you spoon it out into a separate bowl.  The meat is so tender you can cut it with a fork.  Heavenly! 

But of course, by all accounts, Marie Antoinette did have good taste.

2 thoughts on “Oldest Café in Paris

  1. Impressive! You are truly seeing Paris. We have been to Procope as well. Quite an institution.

    You should write a book ….the best tables in Paris


    Envoyé de mon iPad


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