Back in Venezia

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We are back in one of our very favorite spots – where we were married 7 years ago and have been back to many times.  During COVID, we dreamed of this day.

We arranged a private water taxi to whisk us from the airport to the dock closest to our house – the San Samuele vaparetto stop. 

The vaparetto stop, on the Grand Canal close to the Accademia Bridge, anchors one end of our street – Salizada San Samuele.

At the other end is a delightful trattoria and alimentari (little grocery store) that has the most amazing pesto fresca (fresh pesto) I’ve ever tasted.  They have a bowl of it and you order by showing with your fingers if you want a poco or molto (more).

Our street is a “salizada” which means a main paved thoroughfare –

This is as opposed to a “calle,” which also dead-ends into our building from a different direction.  

This is our building – we are on the top floor.

Our house number is 3153. 

Each sestiere (district) in Venice numbers its doors in order.  We are in San Marco sestiere.  So the house numbers are not by street, but district.  The address includes the street so you have a place to start.  Our address is Salizada San Samuele, Sestiere San Marco 3153, Venezia. 

On the next blog, I’ll take you inside.  But here’s a view from the top!

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