Our New Address: Taormina

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Here is a picture of our new street – Vico Sacramento. 

We are in a great part of town, right off of Corso Umberto (the main drag) within the city walls of Taormina.

Taormina is a beautiful Sicilian town overlooking the Mediterranean.  It is the place where Sicilians go to vacation – along with everyone else.  We are here before the summer season begins – although we already have seen two cruise ships coming for the day. 

Taormina is my favorite town in Sicily – and we are back in our same apartment (for the 5th or 6th time, I’ve lost count).  They greet us like old friends now.

Here is our front gate – we have half of the top floor, plus part of the terrace.

We have a little courtyard filled with orange trees, which are blooming now.  The fragrance is heavenly!

Then a front door to our building.

Once inside . . .

Next – I’ll give you a tour!

But this is one of my favorite pictures – a little olive tree growing on the roof.

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