Happy Birthday Frank!

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This week we celebrated Frank’s birthday – 86!

We kicked off the celebration high up on the ridgeline overlooking Marigot Bay at a very nice restaurant called “The Villa.”  They drove down and picked us up in a golf cart and spirited to the top, where we had a table waiting with balloons. 

And a 5-course tasting menu.

We continued the celebration by Zooming with the family back home. 

And then Frank spent the week engaging in his favorite activity – fishing.  He has been putting out feelers on his daily walks about good bait and the best place for a nibble.  He visited the restaurant across the street, which gave him fresh fish for bait (which he came home and cut up and put in our freezer – this is why I bring zip loc bags on our trips!). 

And then he set out.  He fished at the beach bar.  He fished at the waterfront restaurant.  He even got permission from the snazzy hotel to fish from their dock by the big fancy yachts (he got to be friends with the guard who is also a fisherman and looked out for him).  Alas, no prize catches.  But the fun part is sharing fish stories anyway.

After all that fishing – the best end to the celebration?

A beautiful sunset with a cold Piton beer on our balcony.

Happy Birthday Frank!  We love you!

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