On Board the QM2!

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We are on board the Queen Mary 2! It is quite impressive, and we haven’t even ventured out of our cabin. But our cabin is very nice – with king bed, sofa, lots of storage, and even a big balcony that is protected from the elements (important on the North Atlantic). Our friend Janet, who has traveled the QM2 many times – and is also our housesitter – sent chocolate covered strawberries and pink champagne truffles, and the Captain sent a bottle of champagne – all waiting for us when we arrived. We think we’re going to like it here!

Our ship is docked at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Frank grew up in Brooklyn and is amazed to be sailing out of his hometown. And we will sail right by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Frank’s parents came through Ellis Island from Sicily. Our travels will eventually take us back to their hometowns in Sicily (Canicatti & Castrofilipo). My parents are just a few doors down from us on the ship, and starting this journey with us. So we feel very connected to family as we start this new adventure.

We will be on the high seas for the next week, so it may be a few days before I post – I’m sure we will have lots of good stories!

Love, Christy, Frank, Edith & Sherman

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