At Sea on QM2

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I will try to update the blog from the middle of the North Atlantic – but, as you can imagine, WIFI is a little slow here. So we will see how it goes.

We are having a marvelous time and getting used to our days at sea. The crossing to the UK will take 7 days. We lose an hour every day until we are on UK time so can gradually adjust to jet lag. They do this at noon, when they ring 8 chimes and everyone changes their watches. So all of a sudden it becomes 1 pm and everyone scurries to lunch.

Today we are passing the Grand Banks and will exit at the Flemish Cap – I recognize these places from “The Perfect Storm” movie! We will then cross the Gulf Stream, where it may get a little rough. The Captain announced that we will pass just north of where the HMS Titanic rests, but we are safe this time of year from icebergs. The Titanic sailed in April, when apparently icebergs were farther south.

On board, we have all been busy. It’s perfect because we split up and do our own things and then meet back for tea or dinner. Frank likes the pool and health club – and is watching a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament today. My parents head to ballroom dance classes and went to a classical piano concert yesterday. And I have explored every inch of the ship and discovered that they will let you visit the Bridge (where Captain drives) all day long, which I find fascinating. I can also go back to my stateroom and rest throughout the day, which helps me keep going.

Last night, we all met for the formal Black & White Ball, the men decked out in tuxedos and dark suits and the women in black and white cocktail dresses. It was beautiful. We danced the night away to a big band orchestra and then, when they ended, moved to the lounge next door and danced to a fun band playing popular tunes. We went to bed at 1:30 am! (Which was really 12:30 since we had adjusted our clocks.) I mostly blame my parents for keeping us out so late – Frank and I will have to rest this afternoon to keep up with them!

I am about to have a light lunch and tea with one of my new friends – a very nice Scottish lady named Una, who has been back and forth on the QM2 about a dozen times and whose niece lives on a boat on the Thames. A perfect afternoon.

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