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We got a little behind blogging because we have been so busy relaxing.  We have had a very nice life on the QM2, but need to keep our wits about us because we land in Nice tomorrow, where we are on our own.

However, to catch everyone up, here’s a synopsis of life on the QM2:


9:30ish (or wee bit later) – Wake Up

10:00 – Frank – Breakfast Buffet & Morning Rounds

10:30 – Christy – Breakfast at Tea Salon (sometimes with Mom & Dad)

11:00 – Frank – Gym & Indoor Whirlpool / Christy – More tea and catch up on emails

Noon – Captain’s Briefing & 8 Bells
Officer rings original bell from the first Queen Mary 8 times to signal noon.
We all advance our clocks forward 1 hour since we are moving slowly to GMT.

1 pm (which is really Noon) – Meet for Lunch – Anything from formal 3-courses in main dining room to sushi in King’s Court

2:30 pm – Depending on day – Planetarium, bridge visit, waltz class, Texas Hold ‘Em tournament – or just Commodore Club on the bow with good book and view of water

3:30 pm – Afternoon Tea (Frank discovers he loves scones; Christy already knew this)

4:30 – Frank – Nap / Christy Walks Deck – 3 times around Promenade Deck = 1 mile

6:00 – Rest / Dress for Dinner

7:45 – All meet for cocktails at Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar

8:30 – Formal 4-Course Dinner – Table 31
We sit at the same table with the same fellow passengers and waiters every night, so we get to know them.

10:30 – Dancing to Big Band Orchestra in Queens Room

Midnight – Bedtime (unless we move to the disco for more dancing . . . )

3 thoughts on “Life on QM2

  1. Fun to hear about your life on board!! Sounds like a page from a 19th century novel! Love to hear about the weather and typical meal! Inquiring minds want to know:)


  2. Congratulations to both of you. Life is always more fun when you have someone to share it with. We are loving this blog and look forward to reading it. Sounds like a dream. Your house is fine. A little snow here yesterday. Happy thanksgiving. Love Ron and carol


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