Next Stop: French Riviera

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Sadly, we had to depart our wonderful floating home, the Queen Mary 2. We had a marvelous time dining, dancing – and becoming engaged! What a memorable week.

We have lost some of our travel savvy ways from being pampered on the ship and were a little out of practice on our flight to Nice. It seemed like the whole world was flying past us in a huge hurry. So we took our time and were all alone when we finally made it to baggage claim and customs (like our own private airport). We had arranged a taxi to meet us, and they were already calling the company to see if we missed the flight. Then we had too much luggage to fit in the taxi, so had to carry some on our lap, before, exasperated with us, the driver let us off (along with our pile of luggage) on the street corner outside of our building with no way in – not the most glamorous entrance to the French Riviera.

But soon our wonderful French contact, Anca, came and helped us into the building. We’ve rented an apartment for two weeks to live like the locals. It is in a Belle Époque building on the main strip – the Promenade des Anglais. It has many of the original furnishings, incuding a teeny tiny lift that can hold two people who stand very close together. Needless to say, if we didn’t fit in the taxi, we definitely didn’t fit in the teeny tiny elevator. We were like a comedy routine having to send a couple of bags up and send the lift back down while trying to understand that the “first” floor is really the second floor and ouvert means “open.” Whew.

But we were rewarded with a gorgeous wrap-around view of the Mediterranean and a very beautiful (albeit quirky) apartment. It is very Art Deco with many original antique furnishings, marble and parquet floors, and elaborate curved walls and built-in curio cabinets. We can just imagine the soirees that were held here in the day. Noticeably, the kitchen area is very plain, which we think was because in the old days, only servants went there. So a lot of character – we feel like we’re in a 1950s French film.

We haven’t actually made it very far. Frank and I ran out to a little market on the corner last night for bread, cheese, and wine – which was our Thanksgiving meal. And we had that for breakfast this morning (substituting coffee and tea for wine).

So stay tuned adventures from Nice!


2 thoughts on “Next Stop: French Riviera

  1. DEAR Christy and Frank.. Oh how wonderfully happy I am for you.. The most beautiful gift in the world is to have each other . Enjoy the romance of your trip .. Janet..
    {the blog is great.. and will make a sweet book…}


  2. View from your apartment is magnificent! What weather are you experiencing? Similar to Snnapolis this time of year? Your cab driver fit the French stereotype 👍


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