Fond Farewell to QM2

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We are back in the USA. We have loved our time on the Queen Mary 2 – going across the Atlantic in both directions.  Highlights of this trip (with pictures):

Table Mates

Everyone is assigned a table, so we have the same waiters and dinner companions each evening. We had fabulous table mates – Pat and Peter from Kent, England – who kept us laughing night after night. We hope to see them in our next travels to Europe. [Their picture was as we approached New York, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.]


Christmas Caroling

The ship held Christmas Caroling one afternoon. Hundreds of people showed up in the Grand Lobby, where everyone lined up on two levels to sing their hearts out. Even the crew took pictures of this unique event.

image image

Ballroom Dancing

Our favorite spot to end every night was in the Queens Room Ballroom, where a big band orchestra played, while everyone danced the night away.  There were even gentlemen hosts to dance with anyone who didn’t have a partner (Mom and I both got tagged when our significant others either weren’t quick enough to ask or were in the restroom!)


Statue of Liberty

The captain announced that we would be docking very early so if we wanted to watch the approach to NYC, we would need to set our alarms. We woke up at 4:30 and watched the QM2 glide under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (with only 3 meters to spare!) and then got our first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, which brought tears to our eyes. Frank’s parents made this journey in 1925 and 1927, coming from Naples to Ellis Island. His dad came first and then sent for his mother, who was just 19. Imagine being alone on a ship across the Atlantic, coming to a whole new world, and seeing these same sights.


We will miss the Queen Mary 2 and disembark with a little sadness, but wonderful memories.

3 thoughts on “Fond Farewell to QM2

  1. Welcome home! You two are terrific to have included us all in this spectacular journey. I’ve so enjoyed following along on the blog – well done, Christy!! Happy holidays and all the best for 2015 – Cynthia


  2. I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures. A quick note about the Statue of Liberty. My grandmother and her sister were born in Chile, but their mother died when they were little. Their father was a French citizen, so they all moved to Paris after the mother’s death. Then, the father was killed in World War I, so the girls were orphans. After the war, one of their aunts put the girls (ages 13 and 11!!) on a boat to America, where they would live with another aunt. Imagine barely being a teenager, speaking no English, and being put on a boat across the ocean to meet someone you had never seen.


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