New Year’s at the Beach

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Happy New Year! The Two Fools are at the beach celebrating with Christy’s family. We had a very nice Christmas with Frank’s family in Maryland and drove down afterwards to meet up with my family on Hilton Head Island.  My parents are here, along with my sister’s family from Granville, Ohio, including my three very cute and fun nieces, Lacey, Holly, and Ashley.

We’ve had a great time opening gifts and catching up. We’ve also gotten to see other South Carolina friends who are down here.

Today is New Year’s and a beautiful sunny day.  We took advantage of it by taking a grand walk on the beach, followed by an outdoor lunch at the famous (at least in South Carolina) Salty Dog Cafe.  This is one of our favorite traditions.

We are thankful for our many blessings and look forward to wonderful adventures in 2015 – Happy New Year!

Christy & Frank

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s at the Beach

  1. Thrilled to get your holiday letter and now see your blog. Wow! What a year!!! So happy for you, so excited for you, and a little green with envy for all your fantabulous travels. Christy you continue to be my hero! Wishing both of you health and beauty and magic and countless happy adventures in this new year! Blessings and love! – Kat Kowalski (formerly of the boat Yemaya, now of the house Hestia)


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