Climbing the Duomo – 25 Stories!

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We are so proud of ourselves tonight. Today, we climbed to the very top of the Duomo – to the white part at the top of the picture above.  It is the equivalent of 25 stories up – and then back down.  So we climbed 50 floors today!

The Duomo is the dome on the top of the cathedral and was built as a dome within a dome. The dome underneath helps support the outer dome, and the stairs we climbed go between the two. They are very narrow and those going up share the same space with those going down. So not for the faint at heart.

image     image

The inside of the dome has painting by Vasari showing the final judgment – Jesus sends everyone either to Heaven or the alternative, with graphic depictions of what happens in both. It is pretty impressive from the ground but even more breathtaking as you get closer.

First Balcony

We climbed and climbed. First we got to the lower balcony, right below the painting on the dome. We were mesmerized seeing it so close – and seeing how far the floor of the cathedral was below.

image   image

Second Balcony

Then we climbed some more and were right at the level of the painting itself. You can make out the people on the lower balcony in the picture below.  It was really amazing to be able to study the painting so close up.  We were in awe – I got tears in my eyes.

image    image   image

To the Top!

And then the finale – we climbed the last bit almost like a ladder to get to the very tip top cupola outside. What a view! We could see all the sights we have been visiting and snow-capped mountains in the distance. We could even see our little apartment way down below.

image   image

And Down Again

THEN – we had to climb back down. That was almost harder than going up. We had to really concentrate because there weren’t always rails and in some places, it was kind of steep. But we took one step at a time.

image    image

What a fun experience – we definitely earned our Chianti today!

image   image

4 thoughts on “Climbing the Duomo – 25 Stories!

  1. There are no words to describe you two! Just so amazing! I will never make it (up that) so thank you for sharing in pictures! Also love the picture of your place to eat with the view of the bridge. When we saw it we never thought both daughters and one son ( Frank) would get to know Florence like you have. Love mommy

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  2. Such great memories for me. We were there in 2008 with Kris, Caitlin and friends Brian and Cindy — part of the girls’ graduation celebration. Although it was August, we hit a sweet spot and were able to climb to the top with no crowds. Kris had done her homework and gave a wonderful overview of the city below complete with historical information as well as geography. Such a sweet time. I’m so glad you were able to make the climb, it is such a special experience!


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