Exploring Lake Como

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We have had a beautiful couple of days here. We never get tired of just sitting on our balcony looking at the water, which seems to change all the time. One day the skies are so clear that we can see the Swiss Alps in the distance, and then it is to misty (although sunny), giving everything a “cocoon” feeling.  The pictures above are the same scene at different times of day.


The Real Bellagio

Yesterday, we took the ferry across the lake to Bellagio. The ferries are definitely the easiest way to get around, and you get to see lots of cute towns and fancy villas along the way.

We had lunch in Bellagio at a place on the water – featuring fresh fish from the lake. We also wandered around the swanky shops with beautiful silk scarves and even saw the famous Serbelloni Hotel, one of the old grand hotels of the lake.


Our Home Village

But – we were happy to get back to our sleepy little village. Argegno has a few restaurants and shops but on a much smaller scale. There are no lines, there is always a table by the water, and by the second day, the lady who sells the bread knows what kind you want. We love that.

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The downside – at least for our apartment – we have to walk up a LOT of stairs. We are above the town so wind around and up to get home. But we are rewarded with a wrap-around balcony high up over the lake with an incredible view (you can see how far up we are!). It is our favorite place to be. If we stayed longer, we’d be in excellent shape!

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2 thoughts on “Exploring Lake Como

  1. Wish we were there! I don’t think I would leave the balcony view! The little town looks so perfect. Mommy

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  2. Christy – The Serbelloni Hotel is where Ken and I stayed. And I think we ate at all the restaurants along the waterfront. We loved it there.


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