A Ride Up The Mountain

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We soared to the top of the mountain today – literally! There is a “funivia” (cable car) that runs from our little village of Argegno to a town called Pigra, which is high up on top of the mountain. The guidebook says Pigra has a population of just under 300 – which swells in the summer with vacationers.

There actually are only two cars – one that runs up the mountain and one that runs down, every half hour. It is early in the season, so Frank and I had a car all to ourselves, both ways. What a view!

image   image

We set out to explore the town. First we took a hiking trail that stretches through the woods to a belvedere with an expansive view up and down the lake and a sign mapping the towns. We also followed cobblestone streets that wind around houses, a soccer field, and the small town church. We finished up at La Lanterne restaurant (the only one open) and had a wonderful lunch on the veranda. We felt like we were a world away. We love Lake Como.

image   image

image   image

For our last day on the Lake:  We hope to rent a boat of our own! Stay tuned . . . .

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