The Island of Salina

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We are on the move again – this time to the Island of Salina. This was a much easier passage – only 10 miles and no wind. So we motored, but the day was beautiful, with very nice scenery.

We docked fine, although our plank set-up is a little trickier than in Lipari.

image  image

And we are next to some cruisers – on either side of us – who live in Scotland and Ireland respectively, but keep their boats in Malta. They are cruising around Sicily this summer. We were super jealous, but they told us their dream is to cruise the Chesapeake. I guess the water is always “bluer” on the other side.

Santa Marina

Salina was formed from two extinguished volcanos and has fresh-water springs, so has a lush landscape. Santa Marina, the main town where we are docked, has white-washed houses, lots of cute shops, and very good restaurants. The guidebook say the island is built on the fortunes of wine families that produce the Malvasia wine for which the island is famous.

It is very quiet and sophisticated, but in a laid-back way. It is our favorite so far.

Trek to the Beach


In what is becoming our own small world, we ran into our former dockmate – the captain of the boat that took us to Stromboli. He was taking a group to Salina. He told us about his favorite restaurant in the next town over. Since we now consider ourselves pseudo-hikers, we decided to just walk. It was 3 kilometers (although hilly), but on a good road, rather than through volcanic ash. So seemed easy!

Lingua is at the end of the road and obviously THE PLACE to spend a Sunday afternoon. It is on the water with a rocky beach and lined with casual dining places. We went to the captain’s favorite and had the best squid we have ever had – stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic, and parsley and then cooked in Malvasia wine. We topped off our lunch at a place that we read is famous all over Italy for its granite – a slushy ice drink. I had mandorla (almond) – my new favorite – they have lots of almond trees in Sicily so very fresh. Delicious and perfect for the hike back.

Everyday Life

Today, we are taking it easy and catching up on boat chores. I am working, we are doing laundry, and Frank is running errands in town.

And – I am very happy to report that FRANK DID CATCH A FISH! He has visited the local bait store wherever we are every single day to try something new and has consulted with every fisherman he sees. Everyone else on the seawall stops by to chat, so all the other boats have been rooting for him. On the big day, he was so excited that he woke up at 6:30 – so unfortunately no one was able to witness the catch, since we were all asleep. But I asked him to recreate it in the picture below – “How big was it?”


So that is life on the Sailing Vessel Enrica.


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  1. Sounds great! Sounds like a lovely place. Congratulations Frank, on your “big fish”! Everyday living is pretty special and fun. You will miss all of this. We will miss the blogs but wherever you two are is fun. Love, Edith and Sherman

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