A Fish Story

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A quick update on the highlight of our day – Frank finally caught a fish – and we all witnessed it!

As I wrote before, Frank has been diligently trying to fish from the boat. He consults the local bait shop and tries out new types of fish, bread, and cheese every day – even rice cakes (which the fish liked, but were hard to put on the hook). He also walks up and down the dock talking to anyone else who is interested in fish. They all scratch their heads and come up with new theories in a variety of language – Italian, German, and French. (I am beginning to see how NASA collaboration must have worked to come up with solutions to get to the moon.)

He has been using our “day old” bread but today decided to use the good stuff. It worked like a charm. While he was still eating a roll himself, he caught a barracuda! I rushed up to take a picture. The guys on the boat next to us were appropriately impressed – especially that it was a barracuda.

So he tried again and again – and caught even bigger barracuda, although they fell off the hook in the end. He drew quite an audience. Here he is telling them all about the “big” fish that just got away.


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