Exploring Salina

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We love the Island of Salina so much that we are still here. It is so peaceful and relaxing. We have noticed that many of the other boats that come with the intention of an overnight also are still here!

Around the Island


We decided to take a look at the rest of the island today. There is a company that rents out teeny rental cars, and visitors take them all over.

Our first stop was Pollaro, which is where “Il Postino” was filmed – breathtaking views over the water, with boats anchored below.

Then on to Rinella – also on the water with a black sand beach. We drove from down from the top of the mountain to the end of the road that stopped at the sea. There was a giant dock with no one around, so we parked there and walked up into the town for a casual lunch. When we returned, the whole scene had changed – the once-a-week ferry was heading our way and toward our car! Frank ran down and consulted with the mooring men, who shrugged and said “Va Bene” (it’s ok). Whew.

image  image

And The Most Interesting Beach

We had heard there was a good beach in the town of Malfa and followed the signs to “Spiagga” (beach). The road dead-ended at some curved stone stairs, with no water in sight. So we parked and cautiously walked down. The stairs curved more and eventually opened onto a path that seemed to be carved out of the volcanic rock, then sharply descended even further. Still, we could not see, but by this time were very curious.

Finally, we turned a corner and saw the most impressive and remote all-stone beach with a little tiki hut tucked into the rocks. We weren’t sure that the beach itself looked all that comfortable – those were some big rocks. But we ordered drinks, found a shady spot in the tiki bar, and wiled away the afternoon.

image   image

image   image

Next Up – Sail Back to Sicily for a Night on the Farm

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