Ciao Taormina!

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Taormina has been one of our favorite spots in Sicily, but it is time to move on. We are heading back to Canicatti, where Frank’s mother was born and all the cousins live. John, Valerie, CeCe, and Sam are coming with us, so we’ll have 3 generations of Volpes coming back to where it all started.

The Sicily family is super excited and has already planned a welcome dinner the night we arrive.

On the Road


But first – to get there. We have 6 people and LOTS of luggage (admittedly, much of it souvenirs that I have acquired), plus all the kitchen supplies, toilet paper, wine, and water. We are going from the Taormina apartment to a villa by the sea so need to bring our own supplies. Thankfully, our trusty driver, Salvatore, was available to take us to Hertz and could fit all of our bags – and us – into the van. We needed all the help we could get.

We have two Jeeps – one black, one bright orange – so will caravan across Sicily from Taormina to the southern coast near Agrigento.

Samantha is keeping a journal and wrote, “We drove a very, very, very long time.” (About 3 hours)

San Leone


We got to our beach house, which definitely is off the beaten path. This is where Frank and I stayed when we first arrived. I think the American Family was a bit surprised when we turned off onto a one-lane dirt road and then a little relieved when they saw the house.

However, we are in a more remote area of Sicily, so things are a little more rustic here. There is air-conditioning in the bedrooms, but we pay by the kilowatt, so we try to use only at night. We cannot turn on more than one major appliance at a time or will blow the circuits. There is a washer, but the “dryer” is the clothesline out back. And, just like on a boat, we have to throw our toilet paper in the trash, not the toilet. (This almost created a mini-mutiny, but everyone seemed to settle in. When in Sicily . . . .)

But we have 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and an amazing view. Plus there is a ping-pong table, hockey table, and lots of games. So plenty of room to spread out and enjoy.

image   image

Next Up: Meeting the Sicilian Family

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