It’s a Small World at Saba Rock, Too!

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It is a week of “Small World” encounters! Yesterday, my former next-door-dock-neighbor dropped in on us at Leverick Bay (she now has a boat in the BVIs, lucky lady). And today – we met up with more Annapolis friends, somewhat by chance. Frank and I are members of the Annapolis Lodge of Sons of Italy, and Frank and Cecile (whose family hails from the Naples and Abruzzo areas – she is the one with glasses above) had “kitchen duty” after our last Friday night dinner. They got to talking and both realized we’d be in the BVIs at the same time – us on a boat, and Cecile and her husband, Scott, on land. They are staying with friends, Ben and Nancy, at Guavaberry Cottages, where Ben’s family has been coming since he was a little boy.

We weren’t sure we’d be able to pull it off, but amazingly, we rendezvoused at Leverick Bay (which has become our new home base). They drove over – in a car – to meet our boat and came aboard for a glass of wine and a tour. Then we hailed the water taxi to take us to dinner at Saba Rock, which is a tiny one-and-a-half-acre island in the middle of the Sound that has a restaurant, lounge, and 8 hotel rooms.

It is quite the happening place. The taxi picked us up at our dock, and we wove in between gigantic yachts and lots of sailboats before disembarking at a spot with stunning views.


Most of us tried the Anegada lobster tacos – made with a sweet lobster that only is found on an island near here called Anegada. We also tried Bushwhackers – a frozen drink made with dark rum, Kahluah, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. We declared the whole meal absolutely delicious.

Believe it or not, we have spent three nights at Leverick Bay. We have liked it so much we couldn’t tear ourselves away. But tomorrow, we move on and will see where the wind takes us next.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Small World at Saba Rock, Too!

  1. Christy and Frank
    We had a wonderful times last night. Wasn’t Saba Riock fabulous. Thanking you for your hospitality and see you soon in Annapolis.
    Cecile and Scott


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