Marina Cay

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We dropped our lines and bid farewell to Leverick Bay. And we SAILED – yay!

On the way up toward Virgin Gorda, the wind was on our nose at 25 knots. That meant we couldn’t really sail, and the seas were very bumpy. I had to make our lunch ahead of time so we could just grab it and not have to spend much time below. So it was a delight that the seas were calmer and we were going downwind this time. We could raise the sails and turn the engine OFF – the best feeling.

We landed at Marina Cay, which is a small island that has a scenic view and a Pusser’s Landing outpost. (There is one in Annapolis, too!) We are on a mooring ball in the middle of the water, so dinghied in to explore.

We hiked to the top (which wasn’t very far but did have a good view).


And then had lunch at Pusser’s overlooking the reef. (They are known for their Painkillers – a delicious rum concoction.)

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out on the boat. For supper, I pretended I was on “Chopped” and rustled up a pasta dish from whatever we had onboard – my ingredients basket included cooked cold penne pasta, salami, garlic, lemon, olive oil, and a brie and herb cheese spread. I combined the brie spread, olive oil, garlic, and lemon and whisked until I had what passed for a creamy pasta sauce. I then tossed with the penne and slivers of salami. It was really good! (Those Blue Apron cooking lessons are paying off!)

Today – we head to Trellis Bay.  Ifyou know the BVIs, you will know that this is basically like sailing to the other side of the marina – but we are just relaxed and on island time now, so no worries, mon.


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