A Caribbean Fisherman

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As most of you know, Frank loves to fish. He packed his fold-up fishing pole just in case the opportunity arose, so he was very excited to spy a little dock right near our villa at Frenchman’s Cay. At breakfast, he disappeared for several minutes and just when I began to wonder about him, he returned with a huge smile. I asked where he had been, and he said he had been talking the chef into giving him scraps for bait. (All the kitchen staff were fishmermen, too, so apparently there was some debate on the best type – they settled on raw bacon.) They even offered to cook whatever we caught for dinner.


So – we set up camp under the beach umbrellas by the dock. What a view! There was a reef running right off the dock, so Frank fished, while I read and snorkeled. He was happy as a clam. At one point, two locals came down in snorkel gear and swam out to the waiting dinghy – they were going after lobster and just got an 8-pounder at the end of the point! Wow!


The Great Caribbean Fisherman caught 3 fish – not quite 8-pounders – but he was proud nonetheless and would call up to me so I could capture the moment on film.

In the end, he threw them back and we had grilled mahi-mahi for dinner (caught by the pros).




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